Monograph about Digital Social Reading

Digital Social Reading: Sharing Fiction in the 21st Century (MIT Press open peer review).

– 2020 –

Graph of the evolution of storytelling media

I performed several forms of literary modelling and statistical analysis to study a variety of digital social reading platforms (Goodreads, Archive of Our Own, Wattpad). I focused on the evolution of reading technologies, intervening in the debate about the impact of digital technology on reading, discussing the pedagogical benefits of digital social reading, and organizing the knowledge produced in 15 years of research about digital social reading into useful taxonomies. This is the first comprehensive monograph on this topic providing original theoretical reflections, critical sociocultural analyses, as well as using empirical and computational methods to bring supporting evidence to the argumentation.

Tools and skills

R, tidyverse, ggraph, lme4, Syuzhet

Sentiment analysis, network analysis, linear regression, multilevel mixed effect model


Pianzola, Federico. 2021. Digital Social Reading: Sharing Fiction in the 21st Century. (MIT Press open peer review).