Computational detection of narrativity

Linear regression model to predict the degree of narrativity of short text passages.

Monograph about Digital Social Reading

Digital Social Reading: Sharing Fiction in the 21st Century (MIT Press open peer review).

Wattpad large-scale analysis

The frist large-scale quantiative and qualitative study of the digital social reading platform Wattpad.

Cultural ratcheting in online fanfiction

Modelling of ratcheting (re: cultural evolution theory) in online fanfiction.

Cumulative culture in fanfiction

Evidence of cultural accumulation and improvement (re: cultural evolution theory) in AO3 fanfiction related to Harry Potter.

Digital apparatus for textbook

Tutorial for computational literary analysis and other supplementary material for students.

Digital social reading on Twitter

Analysis of readers’ engagement and text classification for an educational digital social reading activity on Twitter.

Downsizing Alice

A VR prototype developed to test whether spatial effects matching the story content affect narrative absorption and presence.

Instagram for museums

Classification of images posted on Instagram by museum visitors (UK, US, KR, FR).

Linked Potter

Ontlogy and knowledge base of metadata extracted from AO3 fanfiction related to Harry Potter.

Reading in virtual reality

A prototype designed to test whether reading in VR increases narrative absorption and intention to read.

Remediation of Korean manuscript

Remediation of a 19th century Korean manuscript using fuzzy particles and sound visualization.

Social annotation with students

Digital apparatus for social annotation in support of online teaching.


A VR app for listening to audiobooks and reading in immersive environments.