Digital apparatus for textbook

Tutorial for computational literary analysis and other supplementary material for students.

– 2020 –

Screenshot of digital apparatus for textbook

I prepared video tutorials, exercises, and supplementary material for 19 chapters of a textbook (in Italian) about literary theory and comparative literature, designed for undergraduate students and published by Pearson. Among these, there is an introduction to data curation using “tidy principles”, text preprocessing techniques, word frequency, ngrams.

Tools and skills

R, R markdown, Zoom, iMovie

Learning design, video editing


Pearson website: access restricted to students purchasing the textbook.

Ciotti, Fabio and Federico Pianzola. 2021. “La letteratura e il digitale: rappresentazione, analisi, comunicazione” [Literature and the digital: representation, analysis, communication]. Percorsi di teoria e comparatistica letteraria [Literary theory and comparative literature textbook]. Edited by Stefania Sini and Franca Sinopoli. Milano: Pearson.