Remediation of Korean manuscript

Remediation of a 19th century Korean manuscript using fuzzy particles and sound visualization.

– 2020 –

with Boa Rhee, Nayea Oh, Gangta Choi, Jungho Kim (Chun-Ang University) and LG Electronics (South Korea)

Picture of fuzzy particles on LG transparent display

I was responsible of designing the evaluation of the aesthetic and cultural experience of users interacting with the remediation of a 19th century Korean manuscript, whose illustrations have been transformed into particles and animated according to the sound of the depicted instruments. The technology used was a transparent OLED monitor and a gesture recognition system provided by LG Electronics.

Tools and skills

User experience evaluation, correlation analysis


Exhibited at the Korea Cultural Center, London (UK).

Rhee, Boa, Federico Pianzola, Nayea Oh, Gangta Choi, and Jungho Kim. 2021. “Remediating Tradition with Technology: A Case Study of ‘From Tangible to Intangible: A Media Showcase of Kisa Chin p’yori Chinch’an Uigwe’”. Digital Creativity, January: 1-15